Raleigh provide first electric bike fleet to Center Parcs’


Raleigh have had a long standing reputation as one of the most popular hire fleet brands in the UK, so what better than working with one of the biggest hire fleets around. In June Raleigh won the tender to supply Center Parcs with their first ever electric bike hire fleet.

Electric bikes have come on leaps and bounds in recent years with advancements in battery life and motor reliability and Raleigh have been at the forefront of this development by working closely with manufacturers like Bosch and Yamaha to produce the best electric bikes in the market. All of these new advances mean that electric bikes are perfect for hire fleets, the make cycling accessible to anybody no matter their fitness level or capability by offering exercise and fun without exhaustion.

Geoff Giddings, Raleigh Product and Sourcing Director added: “By introducing the new electric bike hire fleet Center Parcs have opened cycling up to a whole new range of customers. Offering them the ability to enjoy cycling with the whole family.”

The company currently have 10 Raleigh Motus bikes per site in the UK that are regularly maintained to a high standard so customers looking to take one out for a spin can look forward to excellent availability and an enjoyable experience.

To find out more about booking a stay visit: http://www.centerparcs.co.uk/

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Author: raleighuk

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